Speckled Frog Learning Center - Where children leap into learning!
Fee Schedule
September 1, 2015-June 1, 2016
Tadpole Program
Infants (Birth-12 months)
Toddlers (13-35 months)

Polywog Program
Preschool (3 years old)
(Toilet trained)
Preschool program:
$90.00 per week (Just preschool)

                                                                           Fabulous Frogs
Preschool (4 years old)
Great Start Readiness Preschool
Must meet the program guidelines

                                                                           Frog Program
Schoolage (5-12 years old)
All programs are $4.50 per schedule hour per child with the exception of Preschool

Just a reminder we charge per full hour and all schedule hours even if your child does not attend.
What does this mean?
If your child is schedule for 3.5 hours it will be rounded up to 4 hours

If you are a licensed Foster Parent please call and ask for Sue to discuss current rates.
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